No Label Available is more than an alias for a musical project.

Along the years I tried to understand different musical styles. If one take care to listen carefully, it’s easy discover beauty in each one of them, no matter how different they are from each other.  Some are fixed in time, in rhythm, hard tighten to one score. others looks like are in search of randomness. Some music are positive and good inspiring, other are dark and oppresive and others are so far from any kind of style.

Affected by each one of the music I’ve been heard until now I made my own way far from only one path. No Label Available doesn’t want walk in any path. Is better fly above each one of them, taking a look above. Knowing there’s no roads in the sky, the project is sure won’t reach any quiet place.

So, in that terms No Label Available is a project of FreEDoM, because there’s no any label behind, there’s no a target, there’s no a style… There’s No Label Available.


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