IE stands for Ilimited Edition. I konw, that must be Unlimited instead of Ilimited, but I prefer to write it wrong and connecting with the negative prefix form in spanish. Today is an easy task to collect a musical job of any style and get a lot of copies from it. That is a two meaning speech. We can say that is easy to copy for musicians to distribute their productions and for people to get cultural items for a good price. If culture means freedom, democracy means copy.

After all philosophical considerations, the product in fact is another collection from different songs, almost experimental from the way it sounds.

Yo sobreviví a la Generacion X means ‘I survived to X-Generation‘. There’s more music beyond the grunge. Is that what I suppose to play?

Ensayo Mutante 1. Experimental reflection. The word ‘mutant’ means ‘change’. This work must be understood in that way.

Ensayo Mutante 2. Other experimental reflection. Atmosferic industrial enviromental essay.

Cold Outside. A final relaxing sound after all that noise. Inspired by a closed fair in winter. All the atractions where turned off while wind escapes from metallic horses.

choose what you want to listen.


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