Free Panchen Lama

Free Panchen Lama is another one track new age project. Just one song, without any connection with nothing.

The main idea of the song starts in 2008, while I was playing with a Yamaha RMX-1 and my DX-7. The theme came to me.

I remembered the history of the young Panchen Lama from Tibet, that was kidnapped by Chinese government in 1995. That history inspired to me to build this work in 2010.

Please take a tour about the history of the Panchen Lama and give your support to Tibetan people in their fight and long wait for the return of the Lama. Please Click here.

About this song was recorded using most of my synth equipment: DX-7, CS-2X, Juno-106, Micro-X and recordings from the RM1-x that I owned.

The picture of the cover project is from Michael Godine. Thanks for let me use it.

I hope you’ll enjoy.


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