SIVAINVI is a one track project. In fact is a suite made from different themes. The ‘soul’ of this project tries to be a OST for a P.K.Dick Book: VALIS (Was translated as SIVAINVI in Spanish editions). I placed together a bunch  of ideas that I wanted to work further with them.

In despite I left the work incomplete ‘as it is’ . Just some time after rescued a old theme (El estupido gato). re-recorded to be a part of this project, but I placed together with other themes in “Staring at Darkness” project.

Anyway I left this project closed as it was recorded: with some mistakes, audio clipping, too noisy. It was recorded in 2000 using a KORG N-364 and one PC with Hercules audio card. Maybe its time to give one more chance to that project.

You can Listen Here.


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