Staring at Darkness

Staring At Darkness it’s the first compilation of different themes that I put together. This is an eclectic bunch of works from easy listening to electronic experimental style. The name of this collection comes from a theme not published, that I used to play to start improvisation with keyboards.

Song for Pilar is a song dedicated to my wife. I want to record it again soon, with a real guitarist, instead of me playing Korg micro-X.
Cony de Soroll!! means something like ‘Fucking noise!’. This song it’s a funny one that seems to sound better with a singer over the beat.
Requiem por un portero electrónico. A experimental electronic solo.
Tri·i·logic is a classic electronic suite, build form three parts.
La Talaia. I discovered a very interesting place, with a astonish view from the top of a cliff at side of a ruins of an ancient castle.
El Estupido Gato. (Stupid Cat). I compose this theme a lot of years ago, when I was young. It’s dedicated to a chapter of P.K.Dick book, VALIS.
Des de la Finestra A view from the window.
Monster’s Beauty. A song dedicated to Yvonne De Carlo.
Tal Com Raja is an easy listenning song.
Sequence ‘A’ is an improvisation using classic synths.


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